2015 Program is online

Photograph by Laurie Clow. Used with permission.

Photograph by Laurie Clow. Used with permission.

We are very pleased to share the 2015 program! (2015)

Leading our program are three keynotes: Andrew Sutton on “Generic Programming with Concepts“, Eric Niebler on “Ranges for the Standard Library“, and Tiago Quinto on “Numerical Weather Prediction.” The heart of our program is three tracks full of informative talks from some of the most innovative thinkers in C++.

We’ve a track of tutorials covering information you can take home and use today and a couple of tracks that push the envelope of what is being done in C++. We cover best practices for classic C++, but also get people up to speed with C++11 and C++14, as well as presenting material on subjects that are proposals for future standards.

The program is the second best feature of C++Now. (If you’d like to know the best feature, talk to an attendee.)


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