With top presenters in the C++ community and its ninety-minute format, C++Now has been the leader in cutting-edge, in-depth sessions on how to get the most from C++. For 2017, Boost has joined with JetBrains, the C++Now 2017 Video Sponsor, and Bash Films, the award-winning media production company that has set the standard for technical recordings in our industry, to provide C++Now 2017 session recordings at the highest level of quality available.

Aspen Photograph by Zoetic Ebb. Used with permission.

Bash Films has been praised for the quality and timeliness of their work for CppCon and is bringing their experience and expertise to Aspen this May.

Anastasia Kazakova, Product Marketing Manager for JetBrains’ CLion, said “We are really happy to become this year’s video sponsor for C++Now. C++Now shares great content each year that everyone in the C++ community benefits from, and we’re proud to support this contribution.”

Mark Bashian, Creative Director of Bash Films said, “We look forward to bringing what we’ve learning at CppCon, and the other technical conferences we’ve done nationally, to Aspen this spring.”

Jon Kalb, Conference Chair of C++Now said, “We upload recordings of our sessions to the BoostCon YouTube channel every year as both a service to our attendees (with three tracks, no one can see all the sessions we offer) and a free gift to the C++ community. This year, Bash Films and JetBrains are making it possible to take the timeliness of our service and quality of our gift to the highest level in our industry.”