2017 Keynote - Ryan Newton - Haskell Taketh Away: Limiting Side Effects for Parallel Programming

We are announcing the final of this year’s three keynotes, all speaking on the theme:

What can C++ learn from other languages?

Ryan Newton, member of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler steering committee, will explain how Haskell limits user capabilities and why that is empowering.

In designing parallel programming abstractions, taking away user capabilities is as important as granting them. In his talk, he will explain the role of this idea in several different parallel programming libraries for Haskell, C++, and other languages–spanning from shared memory to big data.



2017 Keynote - Ali Çehreli - Competitive Advantage with D

This year’s C++Now keynotes share a common theme that reflects our desire for new perspectives:

What can C++ learn from other languages?

Ali Çehreli, the author of Programing in D, will explain the Competitive Advantage with D.

In addition to being the author of one of the most important books on D, Ali is the secretary and board member of The D Language Foundation.



2017 Program Announced

2017 Keynote - Niko Matsakis - Rust: Hack Without fear!

At C++Now, we love to challenge the status quo.

Many of our favorite C++Now keynotes have presented views that differ from accepted C++ philosophy and thoughtfully question common practice in the C++ community.

We have a few keynotes this year and they share a common theme that reflects our desire for new perspectives:

What can C++ learn from other languages?

Naturally, we started with Rust.

Nicholas Matsakis, a senior researcher at Mozilla Research and a member of the Rust core team, will be giving a keynote at C++Now 2017 about ownership in Rust called, Rust: Hack Without Fear.



JetBrains to Sponsor Bash Films as Videographers for C++Now 2017

With top presenters in the C++ community and its ninety-minute format, C++Now has been the leader in cutting-edge, in-depth sessions on how to get the most from C++. For 2017, Boost has joined with JetBrains, the C++Now 2017 Video Sponsor, and Bash Films, the award-winning media production company that has set the standard for technical recordings in our industry, to provide C++Now 2017 session recordings at the highest level of quality available.

Aspen Photograph by Zoetic Ebb. Used with permission.


Accepting Student/Volunteer Applications

It is my pleasure to announce the fifth year of the C++Now Student/Volunteer program! We are again inviting students with an interest in C++ to attend the May 15-20, 2017 conference in Aspen, CO as Student/Volunteers.


Registration is Open

Registration for C++Now 2017 is open!

The Eleventh annual C++Now Conference (formerly BoostCon) will be held at the Aspen Center for Physics in Aspen, Colorado, May 15th to 20th, 2017.

Aspen Photograph by Laurie Clow. Used with permission.

We expect C++Now to sell out again. Register immediately so you won’t miss out.


Call For Submissions

The C++Now 2017 Call For Submissions is open. We invite you to submit session proposals to the 6th annual C++Now Conference: C++Now 2017 (Aspen CO, USA, May 15 – 20, 2017).

C++Now builds upon the resounding success of previous BoostCon and C++Now conferences, We look forward to considering your proposals, among those from leading speakers from the entire C++ community, to make C++Now 2017 even better.


IMC Financial Markets Provides Boost Summer of Code

The 2016 Boost Summer of Code happened because of IMC Financial Markets.


Announcing C++Now 2017


C++Now 2017

The tenth annual BoostCon, C++Now 2016, wrapped up with the announcement of C++Now 2017.

The dates for next year’s conference will be May 15 through 20, 2017 and the location will again be the Aspen Center for Physics in Aspen, Colorado (with some sessions at the adjacent Aspen Institute). The Aspen Meadows Resort will again serve as the official hotel for the conference.

Best Session Winners

Also announced were the results of the Best Session balloting by C++Now 2016 attendees. The winners are: