Attendee FAQ

Why Aspen?

It’s an understandable question: when some people think of Aspen, they see a glitzy skiing and shopping playground for the rich. But this town has another side that’s in many ways stronger and more fundamental: a tradition of fostering intellectual and artistic collaboration. Every year the Aspen Institute, Music Festival, and Center for Physics draw the most talented people in the world to work together. They come, not just because their colleagues are there, but because Aspen has an elusive quality that inspires great moments.

Why the long lunch break?

Think back to the conferences you’ve been to. If your experience is like ours, the parts that really stick with you happen between scheduled conference sessions, meeting new people and working with old friends. We wanted to build in time for these serendipitous moments that only happen on the side at other conferences. Also, we thought it was important that attendees have an opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings and scenery during the best part of the day, rather than being stuck inside a darkend room with an LCD projector.

Code of Conduct

We use the PyCon Code of Conduct. For any questions or concerns, contact our Security Team or contact Jon Kalb, our Conference Chair, directly.

Why is the reserved room block at Aspen Meadows so small?

As the conference has grown, we have grown our block of reserved rooms and this year we are the only event in the hotel during the conference. Other conferences I’ve been to were much bigger. Why is this one so small? It all comes down to budget and atmosphere. When the conference was still known as BoostCon, it was especially important to minimize the risk of failure, and as a non-profit conference without big corporate backers, that ment keeping a tight rein on expenses. The Aspen Center for Physics was made available to us as a conference facility at an exceptionally attractive rate. While its size is limited, that is also part of its charm. The Physics Center is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places to be in Aspen. Success for C++Now also means that attendees have an exceptional experience; one that’s different from what you expect from most software development events. We believe that keeping it small, and holding it at the Physics Center, will allow us to provide that uniqueness.

Why C++Now

In light of the recent ratification of a new C++ standard, the previous success of BoostCon and the growing importance of C++ used in performance sensitive environments, the time seemed right to expand scope of BoostCon to include the latest developments in the C++ community. Who profits from my registration fee? C++Now is a strictly non-profit conference. Your registration fee is used to pay for the use of facilities, A/V equipment, and an onsite conference administrator (handling registration, making sure there’s plenty of coffee, etc.) If there is any money left over when the conference is over, it will be rolled into a fund to support and pay for next year’s conference.