After each year’s convention, C++Now archives the important content: session schedules, videos of talks, sponsors for the year, and attendee information.

  • C++Now 2018
    • Keynotes:
      • The Shape of a Program (Lisa Lippincott)
      • Undefined Behavior and Compiler Optimizations (John Regehr)
  • C++Now 2017
    • Keynotes:
      • Rust: Hack Without fear! (Niko Matsakis)
      • Competitive Advantage with D (Ali Çehreli)
      • Haskell Taketh Away: Limiting Side Effects for Parallel Programming (Ryan Newton)
  • C++Now 2016
    • Keynote: Better Code (Sean Parent)
  • C++Now 2015
    • Keynotes:
      • Generic Programming with Concepts (Andrew Sutton)
      • Numerical Weather Prediction: Facing the Future with C++ (Tiago Quintino)
      • Ranges for the Standard Library (Eric Niebler)