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Aspen Center for Physics Welcomes C++Now 2015


The main venue for this conference will be the Aspen Center for Physics, just a few minutes walk from the Aspen Meadows. As generations of scientists can attest, the Center’s beautiful location and its low-key atmosphere create a unique and lively environment for thought, education, and collaboration.

General Information


Breaks: Weather permitting, all breaks will be in the Stranahan Patio just south of the volleyball court. If weather does not permit, breaks will be in the Stranahan Lobby.

Internet: Login acprf, password highlands. The campus is wireless.

Mild-mannered Black Bears really live here. Food trash must be locked in the bear-proof trashcan. When you are here late, please close doors behind you and be aware that you could see a bear.

Restrooms: There are several stalls downstairs in Paepcke Auditorium. Please use them as your first choice! At the Physics Center there is one restroom in Bethe, two at the east end of Stranahan, two in Flug Forum, and two in Smart Lobby.

Recommended restaurants for no-host group dinners

Mention “Physics” and you’ll be seated together. Some will offer a free appetizer. They expect a group but you don’t have a reservation and if they can’t accommodate you, please see for more restaurant ideas and off-season specials.

Monday: El Rincon or Asie

Tuesday: Hickory House or White House Tavern

Wednesday: Mezzaluna or Campo de Fiori (both 25% off specials)

Thursday: Picnic at the Physics Center. Your family is welcome.

Friday: Little Annie’s or Little Ollie’s

The Hefner Bar at the Meadows also has a very nice bar menu and Plato’s is lovely for a quiet dinner “at home.”

If you’re interested in using a bike, please follow these instructions:

Pick-up Information

Available bikes are on the west side of Bethe Hall. Pick out the bike you wish to use and note the number on the bar of the bike. Pay your fee of $75/week at the front desk of Smart Hall and sign a bike release form. You will be given the combination to your bike lock at that time.

Using our bikes

At the Center, please keep your bike locked in the bike rack near the parking lot. Please lock your bike at all times! We encourage the use of bicycle helmets when riding, and we have a supply available on the right side of the Stranahan front porch. Departure Instructions

Before your departure, please return and lock your bike in clean and good-working condition to the bike rack near the parking lot.