Ride Share

Ride Share

If you are looking to share a ride to the conference please add a comment to this page or visit the ride board for the Aspen Center for Physics. For the ride board password, send mail to sharing@cppnow.org.

To respond to a posting, please send email to sharing@cppnow.org, and we will forward it on to the poster.

4 Responses to Ride Share

  1. Petr Wolf says:

    Anyone looking for sharing a rental car from/to Denver for the conference week or including the adjacent weekend(s) please let me know.

  2. Grant Mercer says:

    Looking for anyone riding from Las Vegas to Aspen, Colorado. Happy to split gas costs in return for a ride up to aspen(I dont have the most reliable car). Email me if you’re interested.

  3. Steve Adams says:

    I’m looking for a ride from Aspen to Broomfield (or generally northwest Denver) on Friday afternoon. Will pay gas.

  4. Zoltan Juhasz says:

    Will be driving from DEN to ASP on Sunday afternoon (11th / after 1pm); then back on Sat afternoon (17th / need to be in DEN by 4pm).

    Will be leaving/arriving from/to the Denver airport, but I can pick you up / drop off around Denver metro as well. Let me know if you are interested.

    [This is for the 2014 conference :)]

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