C++Now is a very forward-looking conference. It’s focused on cutting edge techniques that take advantage of the latest features of Standard C++ to see today what the libraries that we’ll all be using tomorrow will look like.

But with our tenth annual conference, we are also looking back at where it all began. In keeping with the forward-looking nature of the conference, our very first keynote was called “A Possible Future for Software Developement” and it was given by Sean Parent.

Keynote Speaker Sean Parent

In that historic talk, Sean challenged the then-conventional wisdom about the OO paradigm and advanced the viewpoint that the design principles of Generic Programming offered a way toward quality, scalable software.

It is hard to imagine a better talk to characterize the direction that C++ library development has taken over the last decade. It isn’t possible to know if this was because of the influence that Sean has had on Boost and Boost has had on the C++ community or if Sean was just really good at predicting the future. In either case, it was a talk not to be missed.

Sean will be back this year to usher us into our second decade with another not-to-be-missed keynote called, simply, “Better Code.” Sean will give a concise defintion of “good code,” explore inevitable trade-offs, and discuss techniques for managing a large code base.

Sean is currently a principal scientist and software architect for Adobe’s digital imaging group and formerly managed Adobe’s Software Technology Lab.