This year’s C++Now keynotes share a common theme that reflects our desire for new perspectives:

What can C++ learn from other languages?

Ali Çehreli, the author of Programing in D, will explain the Competitive Advantage with D.

In addition to being the author of one of the most important books on D, Ali is the secretary and board member of The D Language Foundation.

Keynote Speaker Ali Çehreli

D is a systems programming language with C-like syntax and static typing. It combines efficiency, control, and modeling power with safety and programmer productivity.

Ali’s talk will give a general introduction of D, focusing mainly on its compile-time features like reflection, templates, code generation, conditional compilation, and user defined attributes; and present D as a time-saving software engineering tool suited for business requirements.

Because C++ is such a powerful language and because C++Now attendees are master users of it, it is hard to argue for a single feature of D that would make one prefer D over C++. We know that one can achieve almost any programming task in C++, D, or most other languages. Ali will explain that the killer feature of D is the whole package it delivers. The competitive advantage that D brings is that it makes it easier to achieve almost any task.

Ali Çehreli is a Senior Software Engineer, Octarine Labs, Inc. He has been writing C, C++, and D for over twenty years at various networking companies in Silicon Valley.

Our previously announced keynote speaker, Nicholas Matsakis, will present Rust: Hack Without Fear.

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– Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, C++Now Program Chair