Lisa Lippincott will open C++Now 2018 with The Shape of a Program.

Lisa is Chief Software Architect at Tanium, a bay-area startup, and a popular speaker at C++Now (and other conferences).

Keynote Speaker Lisa Lippincott

She contributes to arcane parts of the C++ standard, accepting the label: language nerd.

Lisa approaches languages from a mathematical point of view and thinks deeply on the meaning of programming. In this presentation, she will encourage us to apply topology, the fundamental mathematics of space, as a way of looking at a program.

If you are inclined to reject the idea of a program as a spatial object, consider the spatial metaphors that we use when discussing application design. We speak of connection and separation, of paths and boundaries, of areas and lengths.

This talk will explore our intuition of a program as a shape, showing how a program can be mathematically described as a shape — a bitopological manifold — arranging actions and capabilities in a frame of time, space, causality, and possibility.

Come join us in Aspen for C++Now 2018! Registration is still open.

– Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, C++Now Program Chair