Keynote Speaker Daveed Vandevoorde

The theme of this year’s keynotes is Compile-time Magic and Daveed will be talking about constant expressions.

Daveed’s keynote is entitled C++ Constants.

He is vice-president of engineering at the Edison Design Group (EDG), where he contributes primarily to the implementation of their C++ compiler front end.

Daveed is the author of the C++ Templates: A Complete Guide which is now available in its second edition.

In this keynote address, he will discuss the notion of constant expressions, which underwent a very fundamental change in C++11, and has evolved with every iteration of the standard since then. This presentation will look at some of the major ideas underpinning “constants” in modern C++, including why things are the way they are and what new capabilities C++20 brings.

Daveed is an active member of the C++ standardization committee where he is primarily active in the core language evolution work. His recent work in that context has primarily been about extending the capabilities of “constexpr evaluation”. He also one of the five members of the committee’s “direction group”.

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– Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, C++Now Program Chair