Award Winners
Award Winners Left to right: JeanHeyd, Conor, Michael, David, and Lisa. (Not pictured: Alisdair, Arthur, Attila, Marshall, and Timur)

Wrapping up C++Now 2019 and announcing C++Now 2020

C++Now 2019 was an exhilarating experience for all attendees. The weather was not always perfect (although it was for the picnic), all the Compile Time Magic keynotes were well received, we had a lot of new faces, and the energy was fresh and exciting.

This post will announce the “Best Session” ballot winners, share some trip reports, and announce the dates and location for C++Now 2020.

Best Session Winners

Announcing the results of the Best Session balloting by C++Now 2019 attendees.

In 2017, Tony van Eerd did so well in the Best Session balloting that the joke was that we’d have to start calling it the Tony Awards. But even Tony’s memorable showing was bested this year by first-time attendee, Conor Hoekstra, who dominated the voting.

Best Presentation

Algorithm Intuition by Conor Hoekstra.

Conor Hoekstra

Best Presentation Runners Up:

Best Speaker

We tried a new category of best overall speaker and that award went to:

Conor Hoekstra

Conor Hoekstra

Best Speaker Runners Up (tied):

Best New (to me) Speaker

We tried another new category to recognize the best up and coming speaker. This year that turned out to be redundant:

Conor Hoekstra

Conor Hoekstra

Best New (to me) Speaker Runners Up:

Most Educational

We had a tie in this category:

Algorithm Intuition by Conor Hoekstra.

Conor Hoekstra

tied with

Better CTAD for C++20 by Timur Doumler.

Timur Doumler

Most Educational Runner Up:

Most Engaging

Algorithm Intuition by Conor Hoekstra

Conor Hoekstra

Most Engaging Runners Up (tied):

Most Inspiring

C++: Engineers Wanted, Programmers not so Much by David Sankel

David Sankel

Most Inspiring Runners Up:

Trip reports

Some of the early C++Now 2019 trip reports have started to arrive. We’ll update this announcement as more trip reports are filed.

Thanks to everyone that has filed a trip report!

We will update this list with new trip reports as they are submitted. Please let us know about any new trip reports.

C++Now 2020 Announced

C++Now 2019 wrapped up with the announcement of C++Now 2020.

The dates for next year’s conference will be May 3 - 8, 2020 and the location will again be the Aspen Center for Physics in Aspen, Colorado (with some sessions at the adjacent Aspen Institute). The Aspen Meadows Resort will again serve as the official hotel for the conference.

Big Thanks!

Thanks for helping make the program a success. The conference organizers would like to send a big thank you for a successful C++Now to all the speakers, the attendees, Patty Fox, the staff of the Aspen Center for Physics, the staff of Aspen Meadows Resort, the Program Committee, the Student/Volunteers, the conference planning committee, Software Freedom Conservancy, and, of course, all of our wonderful sponsors.


We hope to see you in Aspen next May.