C++Now Keynote: Development tools: Past, Present and Future – Marshall Clow

Development tools: Past, Present and Future


We are tool-using animals.  We create tools to improve our lives.  As software developers, we use tools to make better software. They enable us to do things that we have never done before.  But they also limit the things that we can do.
In this talk, I will explore the history of development tools, talk about how people have dealt with limitations in their tools (including writing new tools), and how the last decade has seen an explosion of new, more powerful tools.
New tools are being written all the time. What does the future hold? More tools, certainly. Better tools, certainly. But what kind of tools? I don’t claim to know the future, but I will offer some (hopefully) thought-provoking ideas.

Marshall Clow

Marshall has been writing code for more than 40 years. He has been writing open source code for 20+ years. He contributes to Boost (since 2002), was the tech lead for libc++ for many years, and was the chair of the Library Working Group of the C++ standards committee.

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