C++Now 2024 Early Video Access – Just $150! 30 Day Minimum Exclusive Access

Access 50+ C++ Talks Through Our Early Access Portal!

Purchase An EA Video Pass Here: https://na.eventscloud.com/789034

Early Video Access can be purchased for just $150! This gives you access to all 50+ main presentations, plus ALL lightning talk sessions that took place at this years event, for a minimum period of at least 30 days of exclusivity ahead of the public releases to YouTube. You will be accessing the edited and polished final videos that will subsequently be released on the YouTube channel, but without having to wait until the individual release dates of each session.

  • Videos will start releasing to the C++Now YouTube channel at least 30 days after the first videos are available in the early access system, ensuring a minimum period of exclusive access of at least 30 days for anyone who purchases an EA pass.
  • Sessions will be released to the YouTube channel on a schedule of 3 videos a week, as such, some videos will remain in Early Access longer than others. Particularly those that occured later in the schedule, as we usually aim to release the videos in schedule order. Therefore some videos won’t be released publicly for at least 3-4 months. If you can’t wait to watch these sessions, the early access programme has you covered.
  • The Early Access videos are served through our new, intuitive early access portal and video filtering system. This allows users to easily search and filter through the available videos to find those they are most interested in, or that relate most to their area of expertise. Videos can be searched by topic/subject, sub-topic, Speaker and more.
  • As videos are released to the YouTube channel, they will simultaneously become publicly accessible on the EA Portal. Once all videos have been released, the system will persist as a public facing video filtering system, allowing visitors to search through the archive of videos uploaded to the C++Now YouTube channel (videos from previous years will be added in batches as we move forward), with or without an account or pass. As we move forward, each year’s videos will follow this same process, with all videos ending up in the video archive system for anyone to access as they please.


Your purchase of an EA registration helps fund this initiative and the end goal of creating a free to use, publically accessible interface for easily searching through the catalogue of videos/sessions from all C++Now events

The system is built and maintained by Digital Medium Ltd, who are also working with other events such as ACCU and CppCon to offer a similar outcome, with the end goal of creating a communal interface where users can search a database of videos across all C++ Conferences that are enrolled in the system. This will become a free to use, public facing resource available to all developers.

To Purchase an EA Pass, please visit our registration page: https://na.eventscloud.com/789034