Keynote Speaker John Regehr

John Regehr will be the closing keynote for C++Now 2018 with Undefined Behavior and Compiler Optimizations.

John is a professor of computer science at the University of Utah, where his research group creates tools for making software more efficient and correct. One of his projects is Csmith, a tool that generates random C programs. Why? To test compilers, of course. Csmith has been used to find more than 500 previously unknown bugs in production-quality compilers.

John will share some of the insights he’s gained from his research into compilers.


Lisa Lippincott will open C++Now 2018 with The Shape of a Program.

Lisa is Chief Software Architect at Tanium, a bay-area startup, and a popular speaker at C++Now (and other conferences).

Keynote Speaker Lisa Lippincott

She contributes to arcane parts of the C++ standard, accepting the label: language nerd.


The Program for C++Now 2018 is now available.

C++Now Lightning Talk Audience
Photograph by Zoetic Ebb. Used with permission.


2018 Registration is Open

Registration for C++Now 2018 is open!

The Twelth annual C++Now Conference (formerly BoostCon) will be held at the Aspen Center for Physics in Aspen, Colorado, May 6th to 11th, 2018.

badges - Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.
Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.

We expect C++Now to sell out again. Register immediately so you won’t miss out.

Register now at our registration page.


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Sponsorship opportunities for 2018 are available. For a copy of the conference Sponsorship Prospectus contact

It is my pleasure to announce the sixth year of the C++Now Student/Volunteer program! We are again inviting students with an interest in C++ to attend the May 6-11, 2018 conference in Aspen, CO as Student/Volunteers.

Volunteers - Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.
Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.