Keynote Speaker: Chandler Carruth

Keynote Speaker Chandler Carruth

Carbon’s Successor Strategy: From C++ interop to memory safety

The Carbon Language is an experimental successor to C++ motivated by a desire to effectively and scalably bring significant language improvements like memory safety to existing large-scale C++ code bases. Other efforts to evolve C++ like Cpp2 and Circle are structured more as a superset language, where Carbon is following a distinct successor language design. This talk will dive into the tradeoffs we see between these approaches and what motivates Carbon to take a different approach despite its challenges.

One of the largest challenges of our successor approach is C++ interoperability, and Carbon is embedding the Clang C++ compiler directly into its toolchain to get the superpowers it needs to address this. While still in its early stages, this talk will give a detailed preview of what we expect C++ interop to look like in Carbon and how we plan to solve key implementation issues. It will cover complex cases like C++ templates and C++20 concepts, as well as showing how we plan to make the interop truly bidirectional.

Last but not least, this talk will show how we expect our successor strategy to play out in practice. Memory safety is an especially motivating feature, requiring fundamental changes to how software is written to achieve safety without performance loss. This talk will show the path Carbon will provide to enable existing C++ code bases incrementally and scalably achieve safety and security.

About Chandler:

Chandler Carruth is the technical lead for Google’s programming languages and software foundations. He has worked extensively on the C++ programming language and the Clang and LLVM compiler infrastructure. Previously, he worked on several pieces of Google’s distributed build system and made guest appearances helping maintain a few core C++ libraries across Google’s codebase. He received his M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science from Wake Forest University, but disavows all knowledge of the contents of his Master’s thesis. When not hammering away on a weirdly shaped keyboard, he enjoys sushi, fine dining, brown spirits, and everything about wine.

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Keynote Speaker: Herb Sutter

Keynote Speaker Herb Sutter

Fill in the blank: _____ for C++

C++23 is done. But C++ is not! In this talk Herb will give his personal perspectives on C++’s ongoing and very active evolution, updates on his cppfront experimental compiler, and why compatibility (and what kind, and how much) is essential to continuing to bring C++ forward successfully.

About Herb:

Herb Sutter is an author and speaker, chair of the ISO C++ standards committee, and a programming language architect at Microsoft.

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2023 Program Announced



The Program for C++Now 2023 is now available.

C++Now Lightning Talk Audience
Photograph by Zoetic Ebb. Used with permission.

This year we have 3 tracks with 48 outstanding C++-focused presentations, including three keynotes, lightning talks in the evening, a “Future of Boost” panel, the “Library in a Week” hands-on workshop, and some special surprises to be announced soon.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to join us, now is a good time to choose to attend!  Check out the amazing conference schedule, and the attendee video.  The venue has a hard attendee limit of 140 this year, and if the conference sells out (as it tends to do), your remaining option is to wait until 2024.


Travel Update



C++Now 2023 Important Travel Update

On February 2nd, the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE) announced that it will be closed from May 10th through May 24th.

CppCon 2022

We’ve updated our Transportation page with information about travel options.

It may be possible to schedule pre-conference flights as normal, but you will probably need to search for one-way, multi-city, or “hacker” fares, to see those flights.

The conference is arranging a Boost Bus leaving from Aspen Saturday 2023-05-13 08:00, stopping at the Vail/Eagle (EGE) airport, with a final destination of the Denver airport (DEN). You will can purchase a ticket for the Boost Buss during conference registration.

You can purchase individual Boost Bus tickets here if you are buying a seat for a travelling companion, have already registered prior to this travel update, or your travel plans change.

We are asking the community to support each other with ridesharing and information about travel options.

If you’d like to be part of this discussion and/or offer or join a rideshare, please join the C++Now Discord. We have a public #rideshare-and-travel channel as well as a #public-discussion channel.

Revised 2023-02-11.


Accepting Student/Volunteer Applications for C++Now 2023

Accepting Student/Volunteer Applications for C++Now 2023


We are incredibly excited to announce the eleventh year of the C++Now Student/Volunteer program! Once again, students with an interest in C++ are invited to attend the April 29 - May 3, 2024 conference in Aspen, CO as Student/Volunteers. Volunteers - Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission. Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.   The Student/Volunteer program is an excellent way for students and young coders with an interest in C++ to learn about the language and make lasting connections with the community.

        Attending has truly been one of the most inspirational moments of my life. I had the opportunity to learn, socialize and have a great time in general. I hope to attend this conference yearly now and make a lasting impact in the computer science community.

    Grant Mercer, 2013 Student/Volunteer    Read Grant's Story
Student/Volunteers will receive free registration and a travel stipend for their travel and/or lodging. Volunteers will handle various tasks during the conference, such as assisting presenters, setting up presentation rooms, running audio/visual equipment, and helping with breaks and the conference picnic. Students from all fields of study are welcome to apply. However, this conference covers advanced C++ topics, and applicants should have ample experience with the C++ programming language and be familiar with general computer science topics. Applications will be accepted until February 20th, 2024. Application decisions will be sent out by February 27th, 2024. You can apply and/or learn more about the program and some of the students who have participated here. We are no longer accepting applications for C++Now 2024 Student / Volunteers. Watch for announcements for next year’s conference. Kevin Carpenter - Student/Volunteer Chair

2023 Registration is Open

2023 Registration is Open


Registration for C++Now 2023 is open! The eleventh annual C++Now Conference will be held at the Aspen Center for Physics in Aspen, Colorado, May 7th to 12th, 2023. badges - Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission. Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission. Registration for C++Now 2024 is not yet open. Please visit again or keep an eye on the announcements page for updated information. We expect C++Now to sell out again this.  Register now so you won’t miss out!


Please make your lodging arrangements as soon as possible.


Note to submitters: If you have submitted a session proposal for the 2023 conference, do not register for the conference at this time.  You will be contacted with registration instructions when the program decisions are sent. You should, however, make your lodging arrangements as soon as possible.


Several sponsorship opportunities for 2023 are still available. For a copy of the conference Sponsorship Prospectus, contact

2023 Call For Submissions



The C++Now 2023 Call For Submissions is now open!

We cordially invite all members of the C++ community, including first time submitters, to submit session proposals for the 11th annual C++Now Conference, to be held May 7st – 12th, 2023, in Aspen, Colorado.

C++Now builds upon the resounding success of previous BoostCon and C++Now conferences. We look forward to considering your proposals. You will be joining leading speakers from the entire C++ community in making C++Now 2023 better than ever.

The C++Now Conference focuses on open source software C++ usage and development, and the evolution of the C++ language. The audience at C++Now includes:

  • C++ and Boost users,
  • Boost Library author and maintainers,
  • C++ based Open Source Software & Libraries,
  • C++ library and framework developers,
  • C++ compiler and tooling developers,
  • Individuals involved in the evolution of the C++ and other programming languages.

The program fosters interaction and engagement within and across those groups, with an emphasis on discussion and collaboration.

AspenPhotograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.

C++Now will be fully on-site in 2023, and our COVID-19 vaccination will adhere to local health authorities’ requirements and guidance.  Please see our COVID-19 policy for more detail.

Session Topics

C++Now sessions focus on the latest C++ standards (C++17/20/23) as well as anticipated future standards (C++26). Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The new C++23 standard
  • New ideas and proposals for future C++ standards, such as C++26
  • C++ experiences, commentary and best practices from across the industry
  • Heterogeneous and embedded programming with C++
  • C++ library design and development
  • Boost C++ libraries (design, development, tooling)
  • Concepts and generic programming
  • Compile-time programming
  • Advances in C++ compiler technology
  • C++ tooling (refactoring, analysis, debugging, build systems, etc.)
  • Designing for testability and testing best practices
  • Use of modern C++ with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technologies
  • C++ education and training
  • Any other topics likely to be of great interest to C++ developers

Note:  Presentations tend to be on more advanced or expert C++ topics.  The typical audience member is medium to advanced level.

Other programming languages

We encourage submission of proposals regarding C++-related programming languages, and their development.

Tool vendors

We actively encourage tool and service vendors to submit proposals about products related to Boost and C++ (compilers, libraries, tools, etc.). (We discourage proposals about marketing, but are always interested in technology and its applications.)

Session Formats

Most C++Now sessions are 90 minutes long, but sessions can be either shorter (45 minutes) or longer (multiples of 90 minutes). For 90 minute or longer sessions, registration will be waived for one presenter. For shorter sessions, registration will be prorated.

Many sessions take the form of a traditional presentation with a slide deck and a single speaker, but other formats are encouraged and supported, such as tutorials, live demos, etc.

For a list of session formats, see the Presenter Information page

Submitting a Proposal

Please read the presenters and FAQ pages carefully before submitting to assure that you are aware of these changes. This applies to both first-time submitters and long-time submitters.

Submissions are considered for inclusion in the program by a peer review process.

Session materials will be shared with the C++ community on the C++Now website.

Note: Presenters must agree to grant a non-exclusive, perpetual license to publish materials submitted to C++Now, either electronically or in print, in any media related to C++Now/BoostCon.

Make a submission through our presenters page.

For any questions about the submission process, please contact the Program Committee at

Proposal Advice

Looking for advice? The program committee and experienced speakers would be happy to provide early feedback your submission.  To learn more, please email us at

We’ve also added two new checkboxes on the submission form that allow you to explicitly volunteer for giving advice, or ask for early feeback on your abstract, title, and content.  Feel free to use either, in the case that you’re a first timer, or an experienced speaker. We are happy to help!

Important Dates

Proposal submissions due: February 6
Proposal decisions sent: February 27
Program online: March 13

Note: We strongly recommend that you make your submissions as early as possible. During submission evaluation, the Program Committee may have questions about your submission. If you submit early, these questions may be sent to you for clarification. If you submit close to the deadline, it is unlikely that there will be time to offer you the opportunity to provide answers or clarifications.


C++Now 2022 Videos



The C++Now YouTube Channel

Fans of C++Now videos know that all BoostCon and C++Now session recordings have always been available free on our YouTube channel. This continues to be our policy. We are showing our appreciation to JetBrains and Sonar for their valuable support for C++Now and the C++ community by allowing them a brief window of exclusivity in access to this year’s videos.

For those that are interested in such details, the videos that are embedded on the JetBrains and Sonar pages are the same ones that will eventually be made public, so the URLs will not change, and views on the JetBrains and Sonar pages will be included in the video view counts shown in our channel when the videos are made public there.

You may also notice that ads will begin to appear with the videos on our channel. Our policy has always been that C++Now and BoostCon videos should appear ad-free. We’d like to continue this policy, but YouTube’s policies have changed and they no longer allow us to offer the videos ad-free. This is a YouTube decision, not one of the Boost Foundation, C++Now, or any of our sponsors.

Until we see you again next May, enjoy the videos!


Keynote Announced: Sean Baxter



Keynote Speaker Sean Baxter

Advanced language mechanisms in the Circle compiler improve the expressiveness of parameter packs, argument lists, overload resolution and control flow. Use these enhancements to write beautiful generic code: no template recursion, no deduction tricks and no lambda hacks. Member pack declarations, pack subscripts and slices, imperative arguments and deduced forwarding references stop the pain of template metaprogramming. New implementations of std::tuple, std::variant and std::mdspan demonstrate how to code from specification, working with the language instead of around it.

Sean Baxter is the author of the Circle/C++ compiler.

Come join us in Aspen for C++Now 2022! Registration is open.

– Bob Steagall, C++Now Conference Chair


Keynote Announced: Dave Abrahams

Keynote Speaker Dave Abrahams

Generic programming and first-class value semantics are two of the greatest ideas to ever come out of the C++ world. To many of us, they are so fundamental as to be taken for granted—but how much of what we know is actually a product of “thinking in C++?” As I discovered when developing Swift, for me it was quite a lot. In this talk, we’ll step away from the constraints of today’s C++ to see what more we can learn about the essence of these ideas, and see what happens when you design language features around those insights.

Dave Abrahams was part of the C++ standardization effort for 17 years, during which he helped establish and grow the Boost Libraries, and in 2007 founded the Boostcon/C++Now conference. In 2013 he joined Apple to work on the design of the Swift programming language, and went on to help create SwiftUI, a declarative UI framework. He spent two years at Google applying Swift to machine learning problems, and now he is a Principal Scientist at Adobe’s Software Technology Lab, where he elevates programming practice through research, education, and tooling.

Come join us in Aspen for C++Now 2022! Registration is open.

– Bob Steagall, C++Now Conference Chair