Aspen Center for Physics

The main venue for this conference will be the Aspen Center for Physics, just a few minutes walk from the Aspen Meadows Resort. As generations of scientists can attest, the Center’s beautiful location and its low-key atmosphere create a unique and lively environment for thought, education, and collaboration.
Aspen Center for Physics by Zoetica Ebb
Photograph by Zoetica Ebb. Used with permission.


Weather permitting, all breaks will be in the Stranahan Patio just south of the volleyball court. If weather does not permit, breaks will be in the Stranahan Lobby.


The campus has wireless.


There are restrooms downstairs in Paepcke Auditorium.  At the Physics Center there is one restroom in Bethe, two at the east end of Stranahan, two in Flug Forum, and two in Smart Lobby.

Wildlife and Waste Disposal

Mild-mannered black bears live in the area. Food trash must be locked in the bear-proof trashcan. Please close doors behind you in the evenings. Be aware that bears may appear on campus.

Bike Rental

We-Cycle is available in Aspen. This system requires that you download an app to your smart phone and provide a credit card for security, but the first thirty minutes of every ride is free. Thirty minutes is usually enough for a trip anywhere is Aspen. The town of Aspen subsidizes this service to reduce parking in downtown Aspen.