This year applications to the Student / Volunteer Program shot up to a record of over twice the previous number of applications.

It is gratifying that word is getting out about what a valuable opportunity this program provides to people beginning their careers in C++.

volunteers - Photograph by Laurie Clow. Used with permission.
Photograph by Laurie Clow. Used with permission.

But it creates a dilemma for conference organizers. We don’t need more volunteers to run the conference. But help running the conference is only part of the reason that we have this program.

An important element of the S/V Program is to introduce promising young people to community engagement in a way that they don’t experience in classrooms or even in entry-level engineering jobs. This part of the program has been tremendously successful.

The Student / Volunteer Program has existed for only a few years, but already participants have gone on to:

  • be interviewed on C++ podcasts
  • present at international conferences like C++Now, CppCon, and ACCU
  • author papers for the Standards Committee
  • one has been teaching a two-day workshop at CppCon
  • one has become a Boost Library author

You can read more in the words of our volunteers themselves in the Volunteer Stories or even in a recent comment on LinkedIn. The program has been much more successful than anyone predicted when it was proposed in 2012.

This return on our investment means that if we have quality candidates we want to accept them into the program. Applications are still being reviewed; but the chair of the S/V Program, Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, estimates that there are at least nine applications that meet the quality bar that we’ve established over the years.

The Student / Volunteer Program is supported by the Boost Scholarship Fund which is supported by our Individual Sponsors. If you have been to C++Now and met our wonderful volunteers or even if you just want to support bright young people that want to engage with our community, please check out the program and, if possible, give to show your support for the program.