Keynote Speaker Tony Van Eer

C++Now is celebrating the 20th birthday of SOLID by asking one of our most popular presenters to give a keynote address on the SOLID Principles, which were introduced in 2000 (and were around individually long before coalescing into the nice acronym).

Tony has won so many “Best Presenter” awards at previous C++Now events that they’ve been called the Tony Awards. His style is entertaining and engaging, but he brings to his presentations a wealth of insight and experience. He’s been called both a Ninja and a Jedi.

After 2000, The SOLID Principles quickly became tenets of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). But much has changed in these 20 years, and VOP (Value-Oriented Programming) has been pushed by some as the better way (or at least as another tool in the tool box). Does SOLID hold up in the VOP world? Does it still apply? Come to Tony’s talk and find out.

Tony Van Eerd

Tony has been coding for well over 25 years working on lots of pixel++, UX, threading, etc. Previously at Inscriber, Adobe, BlackBerry, he now enables painting with light at Christie. He serves on the C++ Committee where his Tony Tables have become part of the culture.

Tony’s keynote will delve into the original (and sometimes forgotten) motivations and goals behind SOLID. It will (of course) explain what each of the letters of SOLID stand for, and how they apply to OOP (and how they have been distorted in OOP). In particular, we will look at how and whether SOLID applies to Value Oriented Programming and how SOLID fits into modern C++.

Come join us online for C++Now 2021! Registration is open.

– Bob Steagall and Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, C++Now Program Chairs