Keynote Speaker Dave Abrahams

Generic programming and first-class value semantics are two of the greatest ideas to ever come out of the C++ world. To many of us, they are so fundamental as to be taken for granted—but how much of what we know is actually a product of “thinking in C++?” As I discovered when developing Swift, for me it was quite a lot. In this talk, we’ll step away from the constraints of today’s C++ to see what more we can learn about the essence of these ideas, and see what happens when you design language features around those insights.

Dave Abrahams was part of the C++ standardization effort for 17 years, during which he helped establish and grow the Boost Libraries, and in 2007 founded the Boostcon/C++Now conference. In 2013 he joined Apple to work on the design of the Swift programming language, and went on to help create SwiftUI, a declarative UI framework. He spent two years at Google applying Swift to machine learning problems, and now he is a Principal Scientist at Adobe’s Software Technology Lab, where he elevates programming practice through research, education, and tooling.

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– Bob Steagall, C++Now Conference Chair