The C++Now YouTube Channel

Fans of C++Now videos know that all BoostCon and C++Now session recordings have always been available free on our YouTube channel. This continues to be our policy. We are showing our appreciation to JetBrains and Sonar for their valuable support for C++Now and the C++ community by allowing them a brief window of exclusivity in access to this year’s videos.

For those that are interested in such details, the videos that are embedded on the JetBrains and Sonar pages are the same ones that will eventually be made public, so the URLs will not change, and views on the JetBrains and Sonar pages will be included in the video view counts shown in our channel when the videos are made public there.

You may also notice that ads will begin to appear with the videos on our channel. Our policy has always been that C++Now and BoostCon videos should appear ad-free. We’d like to continue this policy, but YouTube’s policies have changed and they no longer allow us to offer the videos ad-free. This is a YouTube decision, not one of the Boost Foundation, C++Now, or any of our sponsors.

Until we see you again next May, enjoy the videos!