C++Now was an incredible experience. The talks are all world class and Aspen is a lovely town, but the best part for me was the people. I’ve watched a lot of recordings of talks, so when I got there I already felt like I knew many of the other attendees. Everyone I talked to had great insight and was working on interesting projects or libraries. Since roughly 1/3rd of the attendees were speakers some of them always happened to be around too. It felt almost as though I were at some exclusive event for famous c++ people, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I felt like I belonged there too. It was also a great opportunity for personal development. Some people pushed me to do a lightning talk, and from there I’ve gone onto have a full length talk accepted to CppCon, which I probably wouldn’t have even submitted if it weren’t for my experience at C++Now. In that sense I grew as a person as a direct result of my experiences at C++Now.