C++Now started out as BoostCon, in 2007. I was there at the first one as a fairly new developer, afraid to say anything to the clearly older and more experienced programmers there. One day at lunch I was sitting with Sean Parent, Doug Gregor, Howard Hinnant, and Dave Abrahams. As I sat there afraid to open my mouth, they debated the correct semantics of moves in standard algorithms (not yet standardized then). Where else in the world can you sit with such people, or hear such a conversation? It was like catnip to a junior C++ person. Since then, the conference has developed a broader and more inclusive atmosphere, as many of us shy nerds have gotten to know each other. Because of this, I see *more* of those amazing interactions these days than I did the first year. I have learned so much from these conversations that I otherwise never would have been exposed to. I always tell people who ask me about C++Now that I would be half the programmer I am today if I had never gone to it.