C++Now delivers both formal and informal content in a variety of ways.


Our formal content includes keynote presentations by individuals that are shaping the way we think about what we do and inspire us to do it better.

Our main program sessions are ninety minutes long. This is longer than most conference sessions, but the expectation for C++Now sessions is that they dig deep and have time for discussion, comments, and questions.

At the other end of the length scale, we feature Lightning Talks that last only five minutes. Since our attendees often have clever insights as well as sharpe wits, this is long enough to make a point is creative ways.


Our formal content is the best C++ content in the world, but we don’t think it is the best we have to offer. Attendees consistently report that the most valuable learning taking place at C++Now is from the informal content.

Every year we offer the Library in a Week experience which is a unique opportunity to work with the top minds in our industry in solving real world problems using the best that C++ has to offer. This week-long hands-on workshop is an unmatched experience for learning how the best professionals in C++ attack tough challenges.

In addition to long sessions, the C++ schedule features long breaks because we know that often, the presentations are just launching point for the kind of discussions that make attendees come back year after year.