Keynote Speaker Bryce Adelstein Lelbach

The Boost Libraries, which brings you C++Now, was established to “foster C++ standards activity by helping to establish existing practice,” so it no surprise that we’d ask the question, What Belongs In The C++ Standard Library?

This is the title of the C++Now 2021 Closing Keynote given by our own Bryce Adelstein Lelbach.

For decades, the C++ community and committee has struggled with this question. In his talk Bryce will consider if the Standard Library should be large and all encompassing or small and focused? He will present the history of the Standard Library’s scope, from the days before the first C++ Standard, to Stepanov’s STL, to Boost, the long C++0x era, and the last decade of regular C++ Standard releases.

Bryce will present his answer to the question and outline the principles that he believes should guide stewardship of the C++ Standard Library.

In addition to serving as NVIDIA’s HPC Programming Models Architect, where he leads programming language standardization efforts and drives the technical roadmap for NVIDIA’s HPC compilers and libraries, Bryce also serves a Program Chair for C++Now. It is generally considered best practice for conferences like C++Now, to not have a serving Program Chair as keynote speaker, but as chair of the Standard C++ Library Evolution working group (LEWG), Bryce may be the individual that is most directly tasked with dealing with this question.

The role of LEWG is processing and refining new library proposals, so the question what belongs in the library? is not just a philosophical exercise, but a practical driver for decisions that Bryce puts to the working group.

Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the principles that are shaping the evolution of the C++ Standard Library.

Come join us online for C++Now 2021! Registration is open.

– Bob Steagall and Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, C++Now Program Chairs