When times are tough you learn who your friends are.

The last year has been a tough for everyone, not least for C++Now. After much preparation, we had to cancel C++Now 2020 and transition to an online-only format for C++Now 2021. These were the best decisions for our community, but that doesn’t mean that they were easy to make or easy to implement.

In order to provide the best possible online conference experience for attendees, we are using four different online systems with integration provided by our support team at Digital Medium.

This has been made possible by the support of our Corporate Sponsors who have stood by the conference when we’ve needed their support the most. Our “metal” sponsors include Bloomberg Engineering, the C++ Alliance, SonarSource, Unified Streaming, Ciere Consulting, and Quantlab.

Our Gold Sponsors

Bloomberg Engineering

Bloomberg is building the world’s most trusted information network for financial professionals. Our 6,500+ engineers are dedicated to advancing and building new systems for the Bloomberg Terminal and other products to solve complex, real-world problems.

C++ is one of our core programming languages. We are constantly pushing the language to its limits because our code needs to be scalable, reliable and extremely fast – especially since every millisecond counts in the finance industry. Our C++ experts build everything from low-level libraries and components to some of the most performant financial applications and trading systems in the world. They also contribute to the C++ standard.

C++ Alliance

The C++ Alliance is proud to fund and support the world’s largest and most active C++ technical discussion area. Get your free invitation to the Slack Workspace at http://slack.cpp.al then visit us at https://cpplang.slack.com

Did you Know? The Boost Library Collection was the inspiration behind most of the C++11 Standard Library. Boost is a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed libraries that provide foundational components for all applications. To see some exciting new Boost libraries such as mp11 or StaticString please vist https://boost.org today!

Our Silver Sponsors


SonarSource builds world-class products for Code Quality and Security. Our open-source and commercial code analyzers – SonarLint, SonarCloud, SonarQube – support 27 programming languages, empowering dev teams of all sizes to solve coding issues within their existing workflows. C++ analysis is supported through a variety of compilers and toolchains, come see for yourself how you can make your C++ projects more reliable and secure!

Unified Streaming

Unified Streaming is dedicated to helping media companies create and execute smart video streaming and monetisation opportunities. Our technology, which is in operation across the globe, allows streaming providers to engage OTT audiences using HTTP for delivery in new ways through smart and highly flexible video playlists no matter how or where they’re watching. To realise this we use C++ as our core technology for audio and video streaming, transcode pipelines and MPEG related specification implementation.

Our Bronze Sponsors

Ciere Consulting

Solving engineering problems is our passion; however, executive management is in our past. We have founded start-ups, managed multidisciplinary engineering groups, and developed corporate strategic plans. We offer solutions that are sensitive to your corporate goals and allow you to meet your market requirements. Ciere can help you navigate the technology forest to produce bottom line results.

We have a proven track record of rescuing doomed projects from the abyss. Our cross-disciplinary expertise can take on your most complicated problems and produce complete solutions. Our understanding of business translates to technical excellence while meeting your corporate needs.

We offer professional, useful training for Modern C++, Embedded Systems, and Boost libraries. Get your team up-to-speed fast!


Quantlab is a quantitative trading firm where Technology and Scientific Research are central to our business and key to our success. Founded in 1998, Quantlab is a pioneer in quantitative algorithmic trading. Behind our success is our people. We hire some of the smartest and most passionate programmers and quants in the world.

Our sponsors have stood by us and our community through this tough time and we are proud of and grateful for their support.

Come join us online for C++Now 2021! Registration is open.

– Jon Kalb, Conference Chair